Un article sur ma campagne de socio-financement pour mon prochain album!

An article about my crowdfunding campaign for my next album!

Si lien expire/if the link expires :


Nice article about Kissy Kissy Time and my show at the Côte-Saint-Luc public library.

Bel article sur Kissy Kissy Time et mon spectacle à la bibliothèque de Côte-Saint-Luc

Dans cet interview radio j'aborde les thèmes de l'effet de la musique sur les enfants et comment intégrer la musique dans la vie des enfants.

Bonjour - un article sur les joies et les avantages de la musique pour les jeunes enfants. Page 15.

Hello - an article on the joys of music and its benefits on young children. Page 15.


Entreview avec Geneviève Nadeau mardi le 18 novembre à 19h. Thèmes abordées : parcours musical et extraits de Kissy Kissy Time. À ne pas manquer!













Le lancement CD - on y parle!


Alexandra Delgado's CD will be featured on air. 8 p.m.-9 p.m.

Congratulations to our fellow Lady of Leisure, local piano teacher, friend to many of us, and now ‘recording artist’ ALEXANDRA DELGADO, who has just released her new children’s music CD!!! We gave it a test drive last night, and the kids are in LOVE. Clara, 6 yrs old: “Maman, this CD rocks!” Seriously, she said exactly those words. Songs are in French, English & Spanish, and the tunes are fun, catchy and so beautifully sung. Bravo Alexandra!!!

GREAT album! You may have heard some the songs at Kay Wilcoxon's Quack Quack play group, Alexandra Delgado previewed a lot of them for us there. My little ones love it too, very catchy, upbeat, cute, and educational songs. Well done!

Great CD!! My kids loved it!!

 ... your CD. It is in continuous rotation around here. I like it and all, but there is a limit. Duncan has not seemed to find his yet. I even catch him humming, 'Monkey on a Donkey' under his breath. He is crazy coocoo for your music! I keep trying to explain to him that although I really the CD, I do like some variety, and sometimes it is even nice to hear songs that are written for adults. He will not hear of it. I think we played it 14 times yesterday!!