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I am me! Ha! Ha! Someone who likes to laugh - even when the jokes aren’t that funny…! Ok, let’s try again : who am I? Hmmmm excellent question. I would say that I’m someone who likes making music. All sorts of music. Children’s music. Classical musique. And also pop, jazz, and world beat. Forever music. I teach it, write it, sing it, play it. It is fun, inspiring and liberating. It saves me interminable psychotherapy sessions. Music balances me out and accompanies me at all times.




It was Sunday, September 17, 2017. A beautiful sunny day with kids that carried the sun in their eyes!

Quote from Lidia, 10 years : “That was an awesome show! Especially with the piano. I loved the movements!”

Do I need more to validate my calling? Melodies to stimulate the ear. Characters to fire up the imagination. Movements for coordination. But most rewarding the fun these kids have!

Thank you to Adam Cavaluzi - my incredibly talented producer and graphic illustrator. Thank you to all that participated in my fundraising campaign. You participated in making a dream come true…

For song LYRICS and more details on the album simply visit ALBUM







Le Magazine Île-des-Soeurs.



 I was touched once again by the privilege of being an artist at my last show (Okay - a few pictures wouldn't have hurt...). I performed for a group of great kids that live right in down town Montreal. An area with no parks nearby. An area where foreigners come to build a new life. An area where kids are trying to figure out their new and sometimes strange surroundings. And it's these same kids that totally rocked it out singing and dancing on a beautiful summer evening. Thank you to Innovation Jeunes for the invitation. Thank you for destiny's gift.





It was an honour and a privilege to present myself at the Je t'aime en chocolat festival. A special sixth edition that underlined Montreal's 375 anniversary. Wonderful musical and gourmet souvenirs!











Following the success of my crowdfunding campaign (thank you!) recording of my second children's album is going well. Entitled Le Carnaval des toutous! (The Carnaval of Teddies!) it is a collection of original songs that are sure to delight you and your children once again. Hmmmm but French (I hear you say)...I don't speak French...my kids don't speak French...Point taken. But good melodies transcend language barriers. And just by being exposed to different languages barriers fall down. The ear is enriched and curiosity is awakened. Why not give it a chance?


These songs will come to life thanks to producer Adam Cavaluzi. Yes - ONE z. Not TWO z's. Just ONE z. Of absolutely no importance but I thought I would underline it for absolutely no reason at all. So he's as crazy and cheerful as I am - great match for working partners when we're not laughing too much making silly jokes!


A few pictures showing how I'm always cold and showing how my daughter (adding lovely vocal touches) and Adam are always hot.





So what exactly are belugas doing here? Here's the story : I was listening to the radio about how they are struggling in the wild. Only several hundred remain. What to do? Well a small gesture is better than no gesture at all (wisdom of the teddies). I decided to associate myself with http://baleinesendirect.org/en/adopt-a-beluga/ where 1$ from album sold goes to this organization. But this is the cool part : with 5000$ albums sold (who can stop a dreamer?) we can collectively adopt a real beluga and follow it in real time on their website! I mean that's SUPER EXTRA COOL!

They even inspired me to write the song Mon béluga. Here is the video recording with beautiful children singing the chorus.


Video of Bébé dans le bedon with enthusiastic participation! It is the translation of Baby in the Belly that appears on the album Kissy Kissy Time. It is really popular at shows where I often sing it in French so I thought it deserved a recording!





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See you soon for news of my classical compositions!