ALEXANDRA DELGADO is a musician with many hats : pianist, composer, singer/songwriter and piano teacher. She will at times don a poet’s hat too. It is her love of melody that drives her creative spirit : whether writing a catchy pop tune or a soulful line for a classical cello piece.

Alexandra Delgado begins piano at age 6. She loves it right away. She will study piano her entire youth. In 1992 she graduates from the Conservatoire de musique du Quebec à Montreal with a unanimous first prize. she furthers her studies in Paris. In 1997 she obtains a Master's in musicology from the Sorbonne University (Paris IV) and perfects her piano playing. While in Paris she also studies composition harmony, orchestration and well…wine tasting. In spite of her formal classical education Alexandra Delgado enjoys all styles of music. Since the early 2000’s she has written pop, world beat, jazz, children, and classical music. The artist is a member of SOCAN

ALBUMS - all original music and lyrics. 

LE CARNAVAL DES TOUTOUS! : released in 2017. Producer : Adam Cavaluzi. Style : children's music. Language : French. Sixteen songs with fun kid themes and characters : pirates, dinosaures, frogs, and even belugas.

KISSY KISSY TIME : released in 2013. Producer : National MasterSound. Style : children's music. Twelve original songs in English, French and Spanish Songs from the album are now taught in schools and daycares. A real gift for children in this global era. 

Lucky No.7  : released in 2007. Co-produced with Dan Musika (formerly the Funky Filter). Style : pop/electro-pop. This was a fun, quirky, project. Alexandra becomes Alexandra and the Herrings and proclaims herself Queen Herring.      

DEL GADO : released in 2003. Producer : Sari Dajani. Style : jazz/world beat. Earns two songwriting prizes : Honor award at the 2004 Billboard World Song Contest for Salsa Beat.  Honor Award in 2005 from the Great American Song Contest for Sentimental Idiot. The song Indecision also from this EP received extensive radio airplay both in Canada and the U.S. 



PIANO : Little Tales vol.1 - Little Tales vol.2 - Tales vol.3.  Pieces from these books are regularly performed at Canada Music Week.

CHOIR : Le loup et le boisé - premiered in 2019   by the EMSB choir under the conductor Patricia Abbott - Oscar Peterson Hall,   Concordia University, Montreal. C'est Noël! -premiered in 2018 by the 5th and 6th grades of Les Marguerite elementary school. Conductor : Patricia Istoc.

CHOIR Christmas compositions : Le Père Noël a trop mangé de biscuits - Les cloches de Noël. Available at Éditions de l'Envolée

GUITAR : Tryptique - premiered by the Duo Alba (Isabelle Héroux, Alain Leblanc) ; aired on Radio-Canada in 2002

CELLO/PIANO : Rhapsody - premiered by Jonathan Tortolano at Saint Michael's College, Vermont, USA in 2016


FRENCH SONGS FOR PRESCHOOL : BONJOUR! BONJOUR! A collection of five interactive songs. Available at Éditions de l'Envolée


Alexandra Delgado has often performed her own music whether classical, pop or children's. A list of her concert dates can be found under SHOWS. Alexandra gave solo piano recitals and accompanied singers and  instrumentalists in Paris. When she returned to Montreal she performed her pop pieces in clubs and festivals.  She has more recently been performing her children's music at festivals, parties and daycares. The artist is now concentrating on video performances of her songs and piano pieces.


Viens - Sr Mandril ; Burning Heart - National Fred ; Me llevas adentro - Psychotropical Orhestra ; Natural - DJ Mr. Smith



Alexandra Delgado has been teaching for most of her adult life both in Paris and in Montreal. Her deep love of the piano keeps her motivated and energized at each  lesson. She is a member of QMTA